Saturday, 14 May 2011


Do you ever feel like you're walking in Eyeore's shoes?  I feel like he looks.  Tired, worn out, plodding.  Alongside my hectic life, some 'people' challenges have quite drained me.  So much so that I stayed home from a school fete day for the morning part of the day to do some assignment writing.  It was time well spent, as I am almost ready to mail it off.  This week, certainly.  And then I can focus on the last assignment.  The end is nigh.

The days here are still grey, misty, damp.  Cold!  I'm hoping there is some sunshine coming, if not for warmth then for cheer.


Squiggly Rainbow said...

People challenges are not one's I like I must say. Hope you are okay xox I think you're amazing!

Tracy said...

I hope you are feeling less melancholy. I love the grey, misty weather so it usually lifts my spirits (unlike the heat).

Take care.

Tracy said...

Thank you Rachel.

Tracy, I love winter weather too. But I'm finding the constant dreary a little wearing on top of everything else. In two weeks things will be calmer and simpler.