Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Tragedy of Blog Neglect

What constitutes good design?  
Whimsy & variegated thread!

I can't believe it's already very late on Wednesday and this is the first moment I've had to think about posting here.  I have kept meaning to post a menu plan for this week.  But in reality, I've not cooked so the usual impetus for posting it seems to be missing.

University started on Monday.  I've been plodding my way through each of the four units and figuring out what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by.  Whilst I may be working constantly each evening right up until I go to bed, I'm enjoying it.  I'm certain that in a few weeks time the nuances of each unit's layout will make sense and I'll get myself into some routines that work.  In the meantime, I'm just 'doing the next thing'.

The girls have been wonderful about cooking meals so far.  And they've been so tasty!  Roast chicken thanks to Miss Mischief, frittata and salad from Miss Sunshine and a quick combination tonight.  I did the chicken and Miss Sunshine did the rice.  They're all scheduled for taking care of dishes and the dishwasher.  The roster I set up a couple of years ago is running better than it ever did when I first created it!

The picture above is courtesy of a task I had to complete today for a Design & Technology unit.  I had to take photos of three different objects that I felt constituted 'good design'.  I decided beautiful could be just as important as practical.  Indeed, my quilt is a 'good design' within its quilting niche.  That photo is my favourite of the 12 photos I had to upload.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I love your photograph--it's beautiful. I love things that are useful and aesthetically pleasing at the same time, bowls and dishes, embroidered handkerchiefs, baskets.

How wonderful your girls are helping so much in the kitchen! Please send them over here when your courses are over and you're back in the kitchen full time!


Tracy said...

LOL Frances. They would both be thrilled to spend some time with their favourite author!