Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Of All Things Book-y

I have some book-y news to share. One of my favourite holiday activities is to get into some good books.  It is really the only time I get to read with any efficiency anymore so I take advantage of the opportunity while I have it.  I read lots of good books, but three of them stood as worthy of pointing out.

Firstly, Chris Fabry's newest release, 'Almost Heaven'.  I love Chris's writing.  Beautiful prose, brilliant imagery and well-developed plots and characters are hallmarks of his work. 'Almost Heaven' was all I anticipated and more.  A surprising twist or two really 'made it', for me.  In this book, there are two layers to the story, one being that of the guardian angel sent to be with the main character, Billy Allman.  The angel's observations and insights added a dimension to this story that added depth and richness.  The second thing that delighted me was the appearance of Natalie, otherwise known as 'June Bug', towards the end of the book.  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing her blossom and take wing under Billy's guidance.

The next two books are by author Tom Davis.  My BIL handed me these books while we were staying with them last year, and I notice that one of them earns a place on his top 10 picks for the year.  After reading these books, I understand why.

'Scared' is the first book in a planned trilogy, in which photojournalist Stuart Daniels becomes famous on the back of overwhelming tragedy.  Set in Africa and focusing on AIDS orphans, Tom transported me to a time and place that broke my heart.  Tom's writing is masterful.  A perfect mix of beautiful prose that describes the horrors faced by those living in countries facing crisis.  This book is not for the faint-hearted.  It is confronting and revealing, highlighting the plight of children who become orphans because of disease and disaster. 

In similar fashion to it's counterpart, 'Priceless' continues the story of Stuart Daniels.  This time, set in Russia and focusing on the sex slave trade.  Equally heartbreaking, confronting and revealing, I shed my fair share of tears for the plight of these girls and the tricks used to lure them into the dark world they become trapped in.

'Scared' and 'Priceless' are both fiction works based on events that happen in reality, and as such, the plight of the characters in each novel distressed my tender heart.  Despite this, Tom brings hope.  He shows that one man (or woman!) can make a difference.  Even when the ocean of tragedy is overwhelming, one small drop can turn a tide.

Finally, Rel has posted my review for 'No Distance Too Far' by Lauraine Snelling here.  It's a great read.  An inspiring story of holding steadfast to God's will, especially when the future seems to be so unclear.


Rel said...

You beat me to it! Meant to email you this morning about the review but ran out of time b4 work.

And Tom Davis was the author I was chatting to about his dear friend returning to Australia!!

Tracy said...

I can see why those two men have so much in common.