Monday, 17 January 2011

Back to Menu Planning

This is my last week of holidays before heading back to work.  It's a week I'm fact, little happy dances about being home are frequent occurrences.  As is the ability to sleep blissfully all night long.  How I've missed that!

Just before we came home I sat down to menu plan.  Lacking my own inspiration I borrowed the minds of two little friends.  They were excited about the fact that we would be eating some of their favourite foods.  Miss Mischief was excited that 'Roll Up's' (aka wraps) would feature sometime this week. 

Sometime this week I'll post a recipe or two.  I tried a new 'Nigella' recipe, perfect for summer heat as well as dreaming up something to do with the prawns Dh netted over a couple of nights.  In the meantime, I've a Uni Preparation program to do this week as well as planning something fun to do on Australia Day.  Last year we picnicked with some friends and enjoyed a leisurely afternoon.  That still sounds delightful!

Regardless of all our plans for the week, we must eat.

Monday:  Lasagna, salad (make a double batch to freeze)
Tuesday:  Roast chicken, vegies
Wednesday:  Potato gnocchi with tomato sauce
Thursday:  Chicken Wraps....or Roll Up's :)
Friday:  Jacket potatoes with bacon & coleslaw
Saturday:  Spaghetti Bolognaise
Sunday:  Bacon wrapped chicken, vegies


Left-Handed Housewife said...

It is cold and dark here, so I'm enjoying reading your summer menu!

Have you been affected at all by the flooding? I've been worried about you.

I got a wonderful letter from your daughter and will be putting something in the mail to her this week. She writes beautifully!


joolzmac said...

Lucky you! Of course we had a lovely overseas holiday but hit the ground running when we returned and I have worked every day since 4/11/10, right through Christmas and New year (excepting the public holidays).
I am now doing 2 weeks in the office by myself while my off-sider is on annual leave. The joys of owing your own business! I will need a proper rest when he returns because I still have to run my household too!

I may just use your menu plan to help me through the week! Thanks,

Cheers - Joolz

Tracy said...

Frances, we're nowhere near any flooding, thankfully. The southern and coastal areas of Victoria are ok.

Miss Sunshine was very excited about the idea of writing to you. It was the only thing on the list of 20 activities she wanted to do!

Joolzmac, owning your own business certainly does have its drawbacks. Of course, it has some positives too ;)