Friday, 23 April 2010


Over this past week I've realised that I have changed a little in the last 18 months. And realised that sometimes the winds of change blow gently, giving you time to adjust. So gently that the adjustment comes, and it takes you by surprise.
  1. Just this week as I was watching the Primary kids coming down from the buses, towards their classrooms I realised how many I knew...and how many I love. I always knew how much I love these kids, but seeing them in such a spontaneous mob-like fashion all excited about the day, chattering away with one another and eager to get to class, I realised anew that each one is special to me.
  2. I used to say I was going to 'school', when I first began working at school as an employee, uncomfortable with the shift from SAHM and parent-helper, to working mum....even if only for 1 day of the week. I now say I'm going to 'work'. And I'm really OK with that. Sometimes the lines are blurred between parent and employee. I'm OK with that too.


Anonymous said...

Stumbled on your blog by chance... Lovely blog - will visit again.

Tracy said...

Welcome Rosemary :)