Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Little Foodie Discoveries

I've learned a few things lately...

A new recipe which is as easy as throwing everything (including raw rice) into a casserole dish, shoving it in the oven and walking away for two hours. You come back to a really yummy meal. I tell you, I was pretty impressed and Mr Busy even decided that it was pretty good. If you can impress that boy on the first effort you've done well! I wish I could post the recipe I used, but I think I'm not allowed to. It came from a book! A very similar recipe can be found here. My recipe had 1 cup of normal rice (I used basmati) and 2 cups of milk for the liquid. It served 3 of us and there is a little bit left for my lunch after the 'boys' had seconds. You definitely need to add vegies to your plate!

We're not used to lots of convenience stuff. The above recipe had a tin of cream of celery soup in the recipe. I used cream of chicken because that's all Aldi had that matched what I needed. I haven't bought a cream of something tin of soup for years! Tomato soup is usually as far as I'll go. Miss Mischief was grossed out at the look of it, Dh wondered if there was coriander in it and I wondered if it would spoil the entire recipe. I couldn't bring myself to use a packet of onion soup either. I just couldn't. I sauted a regular onion and added it in to the mixture instead. Cheaper....and no additives involved. And no, the tin of soup didn't spoil it! But I did wonder if the recipe could be tweaked to use fresher ingredients and avoid the tinned stuff.

Wheat causes insomnia, for me, amongst a few other symptoms. A rather unfortunate incident with a benign looking chocolate muffin after dinner the other night sealed the deal. This came after being supplied sandwiches for lunch at work that day and I lost 3 hours of sleep for no apparent reason. I did figure this out over Easter when hot cross buns were the order of the day. But now I'm entirely sure. Could this be the reason I'd not slept too well for about 7 years?!


Joy McD said...

Oh dear... maybe this is why I don't sleep well either.. must experiment. I am also going to try that recipe. I like the idea of chucking it all in and then leaving it!
I don't like to buy a lot of tins either, but then when you are busy, it might be a good thing.. better than getting takeaway because you're too tired to cook perhaps?
Christie and family are coming to stay for 10 days on Sunday, so I'm trying to cook ahead... we'll probably go do some craft with your mum while she is down too... that will be fun :)
ps your little something for winning gold medal is nearly in the mail :)

belinda said...

Hi Tracy,

You might want to try this blog, , the lastest post is Home made Cream of chicken soup.. basically I expect home made Cream of Anything soup is just this recipe with the stock changed.

It would add a bit to making the recipe but you could probably make it the night before and have it sitting in the fridge when you know you are going to be putting together that recipe.

Kind Regards

Tracy said...

I'm sure you'll have a ball with Christy...and my Mum!

Belinda thank you SO much for that link! That is exactly what I wanted to be able to do. You are amazing. I'll definitely have to give this recipe a go with that condensed soup recipe. It is bookmarked so I don't lose it!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Very strange--I thought I left a comment earlier about soup. Where did it go?!?