Thursday, 29 April 2010

Big Picture Parenting

Every season of parenting has its challenges. I used to think, when my kids were toddlers and nearly Pre-Schoolers, that I would never see the end of that phase in our lives, with all its frustrations and difficulties. The Terrible Three's were no fun!!!! I now know that each season lasts for but a nan0second and one should relish the joys and enjoy the good things that each parenting season brings.

I was discussing my current challenge with a friend today. A challenge that relates to shaping the character of my children. My friend is a fount of common sense and wisdom. Her view gave me something that smoothed over my ruffled feathers and reminded me where my role as mother ends and the choices my children make begins.

How do you deal with issues of personal integrity, honesty and responsibility? How do you speak those truths into you children's lives so that their future choices are more positive?


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Those are good and difficult questions. The two things I believe: you state clearly what your expectations are (i.e. no cheating on tests; treating friends with respect, etc.), and then you model it. Or try to. And fail at times, of course, which actually can be a good lesson as well, if you can admit your mistakes to your kids and discuss, when appropriate.

I'm glad you have a friend who can help in times like these!


Linda said...

I am not sure I tell them anything. I am not unhappy with the way they are turning out. Where we live now, apparently I am strict, which I don't think I am really. I just wish I had more success with knife and forks, that would make me happy.

Tracy said...

Frances: you're right ~ our failures are great learning experiences for our children...if we're honest about them!

Linda: I'm not unhappy...but different issues require addressing as they grow and shaping character is high on my list of priorities.

Chookie said...

Shaping character sounds terribly intimidating to me. I pray that my boys will become Christian men of integrity, and I deal with things as they come up.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

These are great, but not easy questions! Hope you'll check out our blog and read my friend "C"'s post on responsibility. There's no way I could say it better!
Just found your blog - you have some amazing recipes!! I think I'll try the coconut bread first!

Tracy said...

Welcome V. I'm such a sticky-nose that I'm headed over to check out your blog now ;0)