Thursday, 15 April 2010

Good Things Today

If I were really into alliteration I might be tempted to go with 'Thankful Thursday' as a title for today's post, but really....isn't that just a tad corny?! In any case I've enjoyed lots of blessings today, so I thought I'd share some:
  • A new bread machine ~ oh I can't wait to try it out tonight. A little odd though...stainless still base and a white lid/control section stuck on top. In any case, I'm looking forward to its first run.
  • Children who bravely share what they appreciate about you in front of their class mates. Such a precious bunch of people to spend my time with.
  • Fellow staff members who find little ways to appreciate what you do.
  • A communion 'service' using lamingtons and apple juice, to start the school day.
  • The light at the end of the assignment tunnel!
  • Offering a teaching job to Jenny B Jones and having her accept so readily. Perhaps I should tell my boss!!!!!!!!! I tell you what though, my girls would love her style, enthusiasm and spunk. Jenny's students are fortunate indeed.
I had another realisation today ~ completely unrelated to food, this time. When I opened up my bread machine box, it had two large beautiful flat squares of cardboard on either side. I exclaimed over what great cardboard it was and set it aside to ponder what I could do with it. was flat and square and pristine, ya know? My children, meanwhile gave me that look. You know the one? "What planet did my mother just disappear to?". That one. This is where my realisation came in. I've been deeply affected by my time in the Primary School when cardboard presents exciting possibilities!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I still haven't gotten a bread machine, though I'd really like one. Let us know how this one works out.

LOL re: cardboard! I'm the same way--must be a holdover from when the boys were little and I was always looking for cheap crafts to do.


Jenny B. Jones said...

ha. I will tell my students they are fortunate to have me as a teacher. It will be news to them. ; )

Congrats on the new bread machine!!!

Tracy said...

Frances, the bread was exactly as I expected. Course, I haven't seen my kids since Friday morning so I've yet to ask their opinion of their school lunch! I'm very happy though.

Jen, our students only realise how wonderful their teachers are when the teacher goes on long service leave and they had a Sub. for a few weeks!!!