Monday, 26 April 2010

Monday Menu Plan: Week Beginning 26 April

We have children draped about the place, entertaining themselves whilst waiting for lunch. A breakfast of pancakes has placated the one who didn't enjoy soup for dinner...and spoilt another who just thinks anything that's not cereal is special. And then there's my own children who will devour anything set before them! Aren't sleepovers fun LOL.

While I'm waiting for wedges to be ready for the oven, I thought I'd post a quick menu plan for the week.

Monday: Pork Roast, roast pumpkin & potatoes, vegies
Tuesday: Chicken & corn soup, yum cha bites
Wednesday: Gnocchi with roasted tomato sauce
Thursday: Pasta with vegie sauce
Friday: Savoury Glazed meatloaf, vegies
Saturday: Homemade Pizza
Sunday: Nachos

Yep, I think that'll do us for this week.

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Linda said...

Very nice. Enjoy!