Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The Magic Potion of Cold and Flu Season

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It's odd, how a cold seems to crop up right at the very most inopportune moment.  I arrived at school, last Thursday, feeling totally fine.  By 9am I was totally not fine.  I had parent-teacher meetings so I knew I would be at school until about 10pm - what a day to get a cold.  With no warning!

Olive leaf extract (OLE) is my version of a magic potion.  I don't know what is in this stuff, or what makes it so effective, but I would not be without it in my cupboard.  The minute I start to feel my throat getting that little pre-cold niggle I start taking it.  If someone else in my house is unwell I take a half dose a day to make sure I'm all boosted and fighting those germs.  I don't get sick very often, so I'm a very bad patient.  I refuse to get sick just because people around me aren't well!

On Thursday, when I realised I had a cold, I sent Miss Sunshine a text asking her to bring my magic potion school.  I knew I needed to get onto it really quickly or I would nose-dive before the end of the evening.  She made the quick trip out to school and refilled my water bottle so I could take a dose right then without having to leave my class...which I can't do!  They all laughed at me!  The kids thought I looked like I was eating a lemon.  I have to say, it doesn't taste that wonderful.  On a scale where chloroquine is a '10' in "that tastes really awful", this is about a 2.  But it makes me screw my face up until I've washed it down with water.  Miss Sunshine was laughing at me, and my class.  She declared us all "flipping hilarious".  Thanks!

By 4pm, when parent-teacher meetings started, I was feeling much better and I wasn't blowing my nose as much.  Over the last four days I had sounded all stuffy, but haven't really felt like that.  I've also been a bit more tired than usual, but a good snooze has got me going again.  The cold really didn't progress beyond a runny nose that stopped almost as quickly as it started, on the same day.  Other times, when I've used OLE at the first sign, the cold that was beginning has just stopped in its tracks.

I can't take cold and flu medication and I haven't needed to use the cold and flu vitamins I had been using before I found this stuff.  It is truly a magic potion.

And just so you know, I have not been asked to promote this product, or been provided with a sample.  I literally walked into my local pharmacy and picked it up on the advice of a good friend.  My pharmacy happens to have the brand picture above.  It should be labelled "Magic Cold Fighter".


Lydia C. Lee said...

Good to know! We get lots of sniffles once winter kicks in...

Amy HandbagMafia said...

I have tried it. It didn't seem to do much for me, I'm afraid but it didn't taste as bad as some of the other crap out there- remember senega and ammonia! Ewww!

Bec @ Seeing the Lighter Side said...

Hmm. I have a couple of friends who swear by this. I've had the same cold for 2 weeks now so maybe it's worth a try!

Renee Wilson said...

I can't take cold and flu medication either, so I usually suffer it out. This sounds like something I should try, but I'm already cringing at the thought of the taste lol #teamIBOT

Ingrid @ Fabulous and Fun Life said...

Ohhh I'll definitely be buying some of this for the upcoming cooler weather! Thanks for sharing this info!


Anonymous said...

Ohh I'll definitely be buying some of this magic elixir! thanks for sharing this info!


Nicole Cox said...

Olive Leaf Extract is the bomb!! We've been using it here for years!!

Tegan Churchill said...

I'm the worst patient too. *touch wood* I haven't gotten sick for a while!