Wednesday, 15 March 2017

First Mason Jar Salad...In Tupperware

I'm not a huge salad lover.  Salads are OK, but by the end of summer I'm after some good old fashioned cooked veggies.  For me to find a salad I love enough to eat more than two days in a row is quite a thing.

Enter Shauna Niequist's Greenwell Salad.

This is my go-to salad for lunch.  We don't have pears and grapes available at the same time, so I use an apple, and I've never seen dried cherries.  Dried cranberries work well instead.

I took all the bits for this salad away with us over the weekend, so this was my lunch.  Miss Mischief likes this one as well, so she also had salad one day.  And then I had some goats cheese left yesterday morning and nothing else to take to school for lunch.  Hmmmmmm.

The apples need to be covered in the dressing so they don't go brown, but everything else needs to stay out of it.  That's when I remembered reading about mason jar salads...where the dressing is on the bottom and only gets mixed with the top things when you tip it into a bowl at lunch time.  So I began layering up in a Tupperware container that was the right size and shape.

Apple & dressing
salad leaves
goats cheese
(yeah, I didn't have a few of the ingredients)

It ended up being perfect at lunch time, even with the missing onion and craisins.  I tipped it into a bowl and found some wholemeal bread in the staffroom freezer, so I made some toast to go with it.  This salad just seems to go perfectly with buttered bread/toast.

I'm not sure I love any salad enough to have it four days in a row.  I'm not at school today so I'll find something else.  But tomorrow, this will be back.

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Joolz said...

They are a great idea but I'd get sick of them after a few days. Next summer, try a mango and a cucumber whizzed in a blender - great tangy dressing with no nasties in it.