Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Micellar Water, I don't think we can be friends

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Dear Micellar Water

I wanted us to have a long and happy relationship.  I really did.  Everyone told me you were gentle and soft and good for sensitive skin.  They told me that you were the perfect thing for removing eye makeup.  You even come in a hypoallergenic formula.  I thought we were set for years to come.

But, no.

You were so disappointing.  Rather than being gentle and soft, you were harsh and irritating.  You made my eyelids swell and become heavy, like they were sitting on my bottom lashes.  I have had days and days of antihistamine eyedrops and topical cortisone cream (thank you Miss Sunshine!) to get my eyes back to normal.  No, I just don't think this is going to be a long-term, sustainable relationship.  And I am terribly disappointed about that.  Disappointed that you didn't live up to the hype.  Disappointed that no one warned me this was a possibility.

Since I can't be friends with you I'm on the lookout for a new friend.  I'm thinking organic, cold-pressed coconut oil might be a better friend for me.  No chemicals, no detergent-like liquid masquerading as something more pure that it really is.  Yes.  I think coconut oil might be just the friend I've been looking for.

Yours not-so-faithfully
No Longer Putting Up with Puffy, Itchy Eyes


I'm calling this summer my "Makeup School Summer".  It's amazing what you can learn on YouTube.    One of my very favourite teachers has been Kate at The Small Things Blog.  She is so sweet, and very knowledgable, so I felt like I was in good hands all the way through summer.  I had to supplement her tutorials with a few for more mature skin, and hooded eyelids, but I'm well on the way now.  And then came the micellar water debacle.  For the last 6 weeks or so I have been battling these itchy, puffy flareups and wondering if it was the mascara, or what else it could be.  The micellar water is the only other new thing I hadn't used before, so by process of elimination I am fairly confident this has been the culprit.

I'm hoping the coconut oil approach to removing makeup will do the trick (again, thanks to Miss Sunshine).  I'll be posting a follow up to report on how that goes.

Do you have sensitive skin?  What have you found to be a giant flop?  Or a great thumbs up?


Joolz said...

Allergies that just flare up out of the blue are a pain in the butt. I've had a dermatitis on my lips before
that had me looking like the Heath Ledger Joker in that Batman movie. So, so painful and I tried so many lotions, potions, creams, ointments and balms. I was mis-diagnosed by 3 pharmacists (they thought it was cold sores even though I'd never had one before) until I went to a doctor who took one look and said it was a form of dermatitis. He prescribed Betnovate ointment and it cleared up within 3 days.
I carry a similar version of that (Cortic-DS 1% ointment) with me always in case it flares again.

Micellar water? I have some and have used it without any trouble but I prefer an all over foamy cleanser for my face which removes eye makeup too. I hope yours settles down too, nothing worse!

Cheers - Joolz xx

RJ Bowyer said...

Oh no! You poor thing! I've got that exact same bottle. I use it at night if I haven't been wearing makeup but my face is feeling greasy. I find it really doesn't get the makeup off very well.

Nicole Cox said...

That sounds like a nasty reaction! I have to be very careful with the skincare I choose to be sure I don't have similar reactions.

Rebecca Senyard said...

You poor thing. I've had no issues using this product. I love it and have bottles of it in my vanity. But every one can react differently to different things. I hope the coconut oil works for you.

Amy HandbagMafia said...

Coconut oil isn't "chemical free". It's made up of about 7 types of fatty acid. Some people have reactions to that, as well. I like micellar water but use an oil based eye makeup remover. Micellar is for the face and neck. But my teen daughter uses it all over her face despite sensitive skin and history of eczema. I guess we have to find what suits us!

Fabulousandfunlife said...

How disappointing about the micellar water! I hope the coconut oil works better for you!


Renee Wilson said...

Ouch!!! That sounds really painful. Thanks for the heads up. I was thinking of trying this product. Hope the coconut oil works. #teamIBOT

Di from Max The Unicorn said...

I actually love that Micellar Water and use it daily! I hope you can find something that works well for you :)

Di from Max The Unicorn

Mystery Case said...

That sounds awful. I've been breaking out in hives lately for the littlest thing but didn't have an issue with this product. My three girls love it.

Melinda Uys said...

Yikes! Sounds awful!! I've never really reacted that badly to anything I've put on my skin before, but I am sensitive to 'toning' waters like this which make me feel like I've roasted my skin next to a campfire! Good luck with treating it :)

Josefa @always Josefa said...

Oh my goodness! I don't really like this product either & have passed it on to friends who love it. But my reaction was never so :O

Six Little Hearts said...

Oh No! I absolutely love this product! So sorry to hear that it causes you irritation. It really does remove makeup like nothing else.
I have just ordered some special microfibre makeup removing cloths that apparently are sensational. You just use water and they work a treat. They're also reusable. You might like to give these a try too.

Tracy said...

Thank you, everyone. It has been quite an adventure - not of the fun variety. I am so grateful for antihistamine medication!!

Just wanted to respond to Amy's comment - my coconut oil doesn't have anything synthetic in it, so while all things have a chemical make up, it seems to be the chemistry lab/synthetic stuff I react to, all over the place. I seem to be one of those people who operate best when things are as close to their natural origins. Bit of a pain in this day and age.