Friday, 20 June 2014

The Parenting Files: "You Owe Me...."

Do your teens have a slightly skewed perspective on life?  Mine definitely do.  I had to text Miss Sunshine this afternoon to have her turn the oven on.  I had prepared the casserole and put it in the oven before I left so all she had to do was turn the dial to the right temperature.  A 3 second job.  No effort.

Me:  Could you put the oven on 160 please?
Miss S:  Yep
Me:  Ta
Miss S:  No worries.  You owe me.

Ahhh the naivete of youth!  I bore this child; my body still bears the evidence.  I feed her.  I clothe her.  I house her.  I educate her.  I support her.  I love her.  No my darling, I owe you nothing.  I'm pretty sure I'm all paid up and if we were to audit the who-owes-whom account you'd owe me.  A lot.

A common conversation with Mr Busy that happens just after breakfast, at the end of school, on the way home from school and when I think about entering the kitchen.  He's 14 and related to the rest of his paternal family.  There is no hope for him.

Mr Busy:  What's for dinner?
Me: Food.
Mr Busy:  What food??
Me:  I dunno, but I already fed you today and the law only says I have to feed you - there's no law about how often I have to feed you.  If you keep asking me about dinner I just won't cook it.  Dinner is overrated you know.

The boy has the sense to take me seriously.  Although I would never actually follow through on this threat there has been enough follow-through in his life for him to back off.

Living with big kids is always entertaining.

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

Yesterday at the pool I asked Will to go buy me a bottle of water, as I'd run out. "Sure," he said, taking the dollar bill I'd handed him. "But it'll cost you." This from the boy who I'd just bought lunch for (and for his friend as well). "I gave birth to you," I told him. "Go get me some water."