Thursday, 19 June 2014

My New Favourite Things

I've mentioned being unwell....this is my current favourite drink:  hot water with a slice of lemon in it.  I avoid sugar and dairy when I've got a cold because both just make me feel worse.  But hot water with lemon is perfect.  And it continues to be perfect while my lemon tree is over burdened and cold days have me preferring my water hot instead of cold. 

I've had a 'thing' for raisin toast lately.  Not every day, but more regularly than 'special occasions'.  At 7am this morning when I bought special lazy lunch for the kids (bacon and cheese rolls...nothing in them....whatever, it's nearly the end of the term and I'm done) I found this on sale.  It's a very sophisticated, grown-up raisin toast...see there?  Figs, sultana and pear.  If you're a raisin toast person try it.  I like it fine untoasted too!

My fellow self-confessed 'sister of the difficult hair', Jen Hatmaker, posted on Facebook about coconut milk for taming untameable hair. In my head I was thinking "I'll never find that over here so I'll just have to remain untamed".  Well blow me down if I didn't find the exact same stuff (but I was only able to get coconut water, not coconut milk) and it was on sale.  In the supermarket!!  So I bought this for me and  Miss Mischief the mineral smooth-everything-down-fix-split-ends stuff as well.  Thanks Jen!

And nope, Facebook is not yet on my list of favourite new things.  I'm still an abstainer.  I might have been assessed as 'digitally competent' this semester but it's still a complication I am not yet up for.

Got any new favourite things that make your heart sing?  Leave a comment and share them!

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