Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Health Files: A Successful 5:2 Fast Day

Finally, after much frustration and lacking the mental wherewithal to plan for regular fast days I have finally had success.  This is absolutely the unsteady beginnings of what will hopefully become easier to manage in life's busyness. 

Breakfast:  1 slice toast with sliced tomato (84 calories)*
Morning Snack:  1 orange (45 calories)
Lunch:  2 slices toast with sliced tomato  (185 calories)*
Afternoon Snack:  1 small slice iced fruit bun (87 calories)
Dinner:  Tofu & vegetable stir fry (118 calories)
Total:  519 calories

* I used one roma tomato and sliced it very thinly so it was sufficient for both breakfast and lunch.  

I wouldn't normally have the same thing for breakfast and lunch, but I have yet to work out some appropriate, satisfying options so for today it worked.  I use a spelt and sprouted grain bread and find that it is satisfying.  I know some people eat in the morning and then in the evening, skipping lunch, but I seem to find that incredibly difficult.  For me success is easier to come by when the calories are spread across the day more evenly.

If you're a 5:2 veteran I'd love to hear your ideas and how you manage your meals.

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