Monday, 12 August 2013

Rain, Hail, Shine and Power Outages

We've had it all today.  Many hail storms interspersed with regular rain and the odd break for some weak winter sunshine.  Just before school finished for the day the power went out.  And when we got home it was out here too.  Our Town has an electricity grid line which means sometimes when it's out here it's on at school and vice versa.  Today it was unanimous. 

After getting some homework in before it got too dark we lit some candles and Mr Busy lugged in some firewood with Miss Sunshine's oh-so-feminine assistance (she carried the kindling twigs!).  Between us Mr Busy and I got a lovely fire going and lit lots of candles.  We ate our dinner in front of the fireplace with the warmth and light it provided.  Just as the power came back on.

So here I sit in my front-room study with a cosy fire just dwindling in time to head off to bed.  It's been a warm and cheery night despite the dreary beginning.

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