Monday, 19 August 2013

More Candles and Fires

 My early-morning breakfast table

We have had no power again - this time for a whole weekend.  It's the price we pay for clean mountain air I suppose.  I am torn between the quiet serenity of candles and cosy fireplaces and the weariness of limited heat and light on cold winter's nights.  On the one hand we've enjoyed time just being together in one space.  On the other hand assignments had to be set aside and refrigerated food had to be disposed of.  After an 11 hour shopping tour my endurance for more waste was particularly limited.  Fortunately we were able to keep most of the frozen food after carefully picking through for things that really needed to be tossed.

I decided I am really not much of a shopper.  Again.  It's not just shopping centres that exhaust me.  I seem to really struggle with unnecessary consumerism in the vast amount I observed on Saturday's shopping tour.  My teensy little pile of purchases were all things one or other of us have been talking about for a while - a bathmat, a can opener, a little lasagna dish suitable for one or two serves.  And a little tea set for my niece's Christmas present the only apparent 'frivolity'.  My little mound will be pressed into productive service within the week.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I enjoy the occasional, very short power outage, especially if it's in winter and we can burn a fire in the fire place. But really, no power gets old fast! I hope this isn't a common occurance for you!


Tracy said...

Common enough. At least one big one every year. Just often enough to remind me why I don't have a deep freezer.