Tuesday, 16 April 2013

When Curriculum Planning Builds Faith

My school is just embarking on the journey of using the Understanding by Design process for designing curriculum. I had thought it was just a different looking curriculum document and hadn't thought too hard about it until we were looking at it the other day as a staff.  My Head of Primary offhandedly mentioned that curriculum design by this approach requires Christian teachers to be in the Word so that we can bring that into our classrooms.  Hmmmmmm.  I didn't ever think that curriculum design could ever be the impetus to grow a deeper faith!  That one comment was the wake up call I needed to consider the changes I need to make in my personal life in order to be the Christian teacher I need to be for my students.

So, rather than reading The Age over breakfast (free on my iPad!) I am now arming myself with my Bible and the journal given to us at church a couple of months ago and I've begun using my breaky reading habit to get that ever-elusive devotional time.  And you know what?  Within two days I was able to use what I'd read to encourage someone else. 

The other impetus for change has been attending an incredibly inspiring statewide conference for Christian teachers.  We finish tomorrow and then head back into our classrooms with our students on Thursday.

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