Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Household Satisfaction: A Clean Expanse

It may seems strange to you, to see a picture of my bedroom carpet up close and personal.  Why would a person do such a thing as taking a photo of carpet?  Let me tell you why.  There is nothing but green.  Beautiful, sage green with not little specks or bits or stuff cluttering that perfect view.  It needed to be recorded for future reference.  To know it happened, even if just once.

We all live much faster-paced lives than I ever remember when I was a child.  Back then it seemed that mothers were more likely to be at home for at least some part of the week and there was a high priority placed on homes being cared for.  It's not quite like that these days.  Not in my house anyway.  Life travels quite quickly and housework is relegated to a rather low priority.  In the scheme of getting to school/work on time and completing study tasks and assignments we're lucky we eat regularly.  The kids seem to think that's a fairly high priority though.

Over the school holidays (which it is for this week and next) I try and do at least one thing that tells people me we do love our home.  Yesterday it was my bedroom that got the sprucing up.  Papers were sorted, clutter was put away and a little bit of rearranging occurred.  Baseboards were cleaned and window sills dusted.  And after it all the carpet was vacuumed more thoroughly than I think the carpet can ever remember.  Don't get me wrong, it wasn't all that bad.  But there were little piles of stuff here and there that were gathering momentum.  Now I walk in there and just want to revel in the beauty of clutter-free space.

Because my bedroom now looks so satisfyingly clean I'm thinking I might need to re-investigate Fly Lady.  The question is: can I cope with the overwhelming number of emails she will send me if I signed up?

What have you been cleaning this week?

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

I have a bug this week and am low on energy, and it's driving me crazy because my house is badly in need of spring cleaning! I would very much like to get Will's room in order (again) and the kitchen scrubbed top to bottom. The other thing I REALLY want cleaned is my car, inside and out.

I've done FlyLady before, but the emails overwhelmed me.