Saturday, 6 April 2013

A Little More Autum Cleaning

My dust-free and empty stack of baskets

A little more cleaning and a little more satisfaction.  Yesterday Miss Sunshine had a collaborative study session with a friend.  Us Mums had a collaborative cleaning effort.  Just one little section of our family room along a half-wall that seems to collect stuff.  And dust.  Apparently I'm very good at ruthlessly culling 'stuff' that realistically hasn't been looked at in quite some time.  I find it cathartic to get rid of languishing 'stuff' that no long is of use or value.  I like Fly Lady's perspective:  if you don't love it, get rid of it.  I didn't love those old magazines, never-repaired clothing items and sewing projects that will never be completed.  They're all gone.

All this has me wondering.  Why is that we talk about 'spring cleaning'?  Do we really have to wait until spring to get things in order or organise ourselves, our stuff and our homes?  I think not.  If we all waited for spring we'd all be allergic to our homes, I think.  Goodness knows I used more than my fair share of tissues while getting into that dusty corner yesterday.  Who knew there could be so much to blow?!

In amongst assignments and Uni returning after a one-week Easter break I'm thinking that I need some kind of organised way to keep things constantly cleaned.  I just can't deal with the avalanche of emails from Fly Lady right now, and I'm not so bad with the daily routines of caring for our needs.  She was a perfect fit when I was a SAHM with little people at home and I had time to invest.  Organized Junkie has lots of inspiration for keeping things tidied and in their homes and has a new app.  For $2 it might be worth investigating.  Or maybe I just need to write down 31 days worth of tasks that need to be accomplished, somewhat in order, and just keep recycling those?  Hmmmm.  Maybe that would work?  It would certainly be cheaper than an having a cleaner, although that is an incredibly tantalising idea for this time-poor working, studying wife and mum!

How do other busy mums keep the house cleaned and organised when you don't have time to do it?  Tell me your secrets!

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

I wish I had secrets to share! I suspect the number one thing is getting rid of stuff, which I'm trying to do (without too much success at this point--it's been a busy spring!). It's my dream to really pare down, but we seem to collect papers and books like crazy, I fear. One day ...