Wednesday, 24 April 2013

First Week of Devotion

It's been an interesting week.  I've learnt a lot about finding time for a personal 'quiet time', how simple that can be to achieve and how very much you can learn out of a few verses.

I don't think I know a Christian who doesn't struggle with being diligent about their quiet time. In the past week I have sat in the middle of the hubbub that swirls around our house in the mornings and just read.  And journalled. Then I've gotten on with the morning and the day.  I think I had thought a quiet time had to be the first thing you did in the day and away from other people.  This week I've realised that God can speak through all the noise and carrying on.  It can be the third or fourth thing you do and He won't mind at all.

The tool that has helped most has been answering two questions: what did I learn? and, what will I do?  Punchy little innocent-looking questions that really make you think about what you're reading and how you are going to respond.  Write your response down - it helps solidify everything in your head rather than thoughts that whimsically float in and out of your head.  Or is it just me this happens to?

I'm about to put something together for Miss Sunshine to help her through her Texts and Traditions subject at school.  They are spending a year studying the book of Luke, which in her teenaged mind is utterly slow and boring, especially when the rest of the world is fast and exciting.  And while I have challenged her to use this as an opportunity to really take in what God is saying to her, and how taking it so slow is actually really worthwhile, she's still very much a kid and just wants to get it done. 

I think I need to put some new cool fonts to use.  'Cos that's the other thing I've discovered this week:  free, very cute fonts.  You can find them here.  You just pick the one(s) you want, right click on it, open it and then click on install.  Voila, it will appear on all your Microsoft programs just like *that*.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'm reading Luke this year, too! My Bible study is doing a year-long study of Luke and Acts. I'm sure I would have hated it as a teenager, but now I find it fascinating.

Finding time to sit and read is always hard. I'm working on it!


Tracy said...

I'll tell her I am not alone in thinking slow study is more interesting when you're older!