Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Family that Educates Together....And other school stories

My SIL has joined the staff at Our School.  It was a very exciting day when we discovered she'd been offered the job and we've been waiting for what seems like forever for the new school year to begin so she could actually be with us.  Mr Busy is the lucky soul who gets to have her for a class teacher - the boy is school heaven.  I get to have lunch with her every day.

I think I'm pretty lucky too - I get to work in a classroom with my niece (said SIL's daughter).  And because 6yo's are hilarious I have spent the last 3 days laughing or shaking my head at her antics.  Yesterday the kids were drawing pictures of their families.  My gorgeous niece didn't put Mum in her picture.

Me:  G, where's your Mum?
G:  She's at work.
Me:  But if I look at your picture it looks like you don't have a Mum.  You need to put her in there.

Miss G hopped to and drew in Mum.  And then she started drawing orange spikes on her Dad's head.  Now my brother shaves his head so what little would be left up there is whisked off anyhow.

Me:  G, your Dad doesn't have hair, why are you drawing him with some?
G:  Yes he does, it's all spiky.
Me: when he doesn't shave his face?
G:  YES!

She then went on to draw orange spikes on her Dad's arms and legs.  Now I know my brother does not shave arms and legs but there was  no convincing Miss G.  And I'm a smart lady, so I chose not to argue with the 6yo and left that one alone.  But I had a great time telling her Mum at lunch time.

Meanwhile one of  my Yr2 boys in that class with says he's allergic to me, the classroom and his hat. Sigh.  I still have the iPad - it has to count for something.

Another little man has joined the class and sits near Mr Allergy.  He is delightful and quiet and funny and I think he likes me too.  I am looking forward to getting to know him.  I think we'll be fine friends.

A third little boy was flopped out on the floor just before lunch with a teddy from home.  I whispered in his ear that if he went to play in the library at lunch time he might find time and space to have a lie-down in there.  He wasn't sharing that info with the energiser bunnies at his table!  I'll have to ask if he did - but he seemed excited about the prospect of it being a possibility.

One of my Prep boys tells me he doesn't want to be at school.  And he doesn't.  He really wants to be home with Mum.  So it warmed my soul to see him smiling and playing with another little boy who is just gorgeous and gentle whilst being all boy.   At the end of the day I assured him I was looking forward to seeing him tomorrow.  It is heartbreaking to see him struggle with separation.  But it is also very cute to see him watching the bee on our daily timetable get to the bottom when he knows he'll see Mum.

Finally, I have begun oh so well, making one of my Prep boys cry.  Yell actually.  I warned the teacher as I headed over to him to stop him from swinging a basket around dangerously inside the classroom that I was about to incite that response.  I had to follow through on a consequence - he felt the need to object loudly. We talked, he cried some more.  I found reasons for him to end the day with a sticker.  He cried some more.  His parents arrived during the offended yelling he performed.  And they applauded the stern approach.  He's pretty cute, even when he's offended!

Did you know little people are tiring?  They grow and develop so much over a year that I had forgotten again.

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

How wonderful to hear what's going on in your classroom! Happy to hear that the crying boy's parents applauded the stern approach--I'm sure it makes your job easier to have the parents' support.

Little people ARE tiring. I admire you for spending your day with a whole posse of them!