Thursday, 3 January 2013

Sharing the Meal Burden

Mini Black Forest & White Chocolate Cheesecakes

It's a really hot in Melbourne - 38C today and 41C tomorrow (98F & 105F respectively).   Actually, apparently the whole country is in the grip of an enormous heat wave. We're fortunate to have cooling.  And the friends we are having dinner with tonight have just installed cooling in their nearly-finished house so I know we'll be in the new house instead of the "old shack".  Yes! 

I was asked to bring dessert so I decided to revisit my affection for cheesecake.  My brother does a mean baked one.  Me?  I'm a non-baked cheesecake girl.  I figured something cold would go down well.  I did my favourite black forest cheesecake recipe and added 125g of melted white chocolate to the mixture.  Instead of making one large one I set these in my silicon muffin pans.  As you can see a hot butter knife did the unmolding trick perfectly.  As it turned out I ended up with 18 of these little babies - enough for guests coming over on Saturday night.  Brilliant!

Mr Busy expressed his concern that the portions would be "too small".  That may be true, but I think we've probably digested more than our fair share of rich foods over Christmas.  A small portion of this is just enough to cool the palette and give our meal it's sweet full-stop.  And I have 1/2 a kilo of camembert cheese still to be loved by some tummies, so we'll take that and some crackers as well.

What's your favourite summer and winter take-along dessert recipe?


Rel said...

Summer is a Blueberry & Pineapple jelly - sounds a bit funky but it is so refreshing!

Winter is one of apple crumble or sticky date pudding.

Cheesecake is an all year round affair here :)

Tracy said...

The jelly sounds interesting...and yummy. Especially today!