Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A Teaspoon of Light

Image Credit: solsistershandbag.com

I've been studying away, hard at work while the children relax in front of the TV (or any other screen I permit them to) and baking, and reading...and whatever else they find to amuse themselves.  My Dance and Drama work this week showed us how powerfully these elements of the Arts are in helping people make sense of the world around them.  We were introduced to 'A Teaspoon of Light', which is a project undertaken by artists and university staff to work with children, rebuilding their hope for the future after the earthquakes in Christchurch. Parts of the clips may be tedious, but hang in there.  They are a powerful, beautiful, tangible example of how the human spirit can be assisted to overcome great tragedy.

A Teaspoon of Light - Clip 1

A Teaspoon of Light: Clip 2

 A Teaspoon of Light:  Clip 3 - bringing it all together

Really, make time to watch these clips. I suspect we all need a teaspoon of light every now and then.
Other happenings Beyond My Picket Fence...

We've all survived our various school camps.  Mr Busy and I enjoyed Sovereign Hill together.  It is my favourite camp and I've had the privilege of enjoying it with all three of my children.  I suspect it may be my last as a teacher's aide, however.  I don't work with the next group of children who will go, and then I will be teaching myself beyond that.  It's a little sad.  Not so sad, the mouse that nibbled a block of chocolate I had stashed in my suitcase while I was away!!!  The girls went to Canberra together for a full week.  Miss Mischief, the child of my soul, bought me back two thimbles to add to my collection.  Miss Sunshine brought home tales and photos, which I've yet to sit down to look at.

My health is slowly improving.  I'm down to half a tablet for my vertigo and managing relatively OK most of the time.  I'm quite tired though, because being 'not quite well' is very wearying.  Now that we're into school holidays I realise that the Term 1 break speeds by quickly between necessary assignment work and Easter away with friends.  I'll be taking my assignment with me - but everything else is well up to date so I have a whole week just to work on that one thing.  Lovely!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'm writing this comment before watching the videos, but have to say I love the title "A Teaspoon of Light."

So glad you had a good camp experience with Mr. Busy, and that you're feeling better. Being sick is tiring, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

love you! miss mischeif