Friday, 27 April 2012

Mr Busy ... Still Odysseying a Messy Room

Would you believe that some four years after I first posted about Mr Busy's Odyssey into the world of cleaning up his bedroom we still have issues?  Well...I suppose you would if you have precious little people in your house!  I went digging back through my blog archives because I knew I had posted about this before.  And so I had.  In 2008!  The last post has before and after photos (above is the after!).  His room has changed a little since then but at 5am I don't think he'd appreciate a camera flash waking him!

This time the room cleaning adventure did not begin with a mother going off the deep end about having to clean up that room.  Again.  I think I've figured out that his messes get overwhelming and even I can't fathom the idea of doing it on my own.  Yesterday's adventure, however, did begin with a very whiney boy bemoaning the fact that he'd lost a padlock he needs for a class event today.  I brushed him off first thing in the morning with "I'll deal with that later"....and so we did.

Before I go on, you must know that a few days ago, when he was searching for this elusive padlock, I had said "It's probably under all the rubbish in your room.  Go and throw some things out and  you'll find it".  His response?  "Oh no Mum, there's nothing to throw out in my room."

Oh.  My.  Goodness.  If that's "nothing to throw out" I'd hate to see his idea of what rubbish really is.  Seriously, the boy collects rubbish like I collect thimbles!  We threw out 3 bags and a big box of rubbish, plus an old broken school bag and a few other boxes that didn't fit in the bags.  And after we finished putting things away and throwing things out I vacuumed.

Is there anything more satisfying than an expanse (however big or small) of beautifully vacuumed carpet?  I think not.

And I found the padlock.  Under the rubbish.  Right where I said it would be.

This time I have no such dream of Mr Busy maintaining a clean room.  Perhaps this is one that will need to be handballed on to the poor woman who ends up marrying him.


Squiggly Rainbow said...

I like your last line! In a fit of despair a few months ago, I said to Master S - please let your wife know I have done the best I can! hehe!

I am loving packing, means I can get rid of stuff!

Tracy said...

I love the idea of an adventure into a new home. I have, however, packed far too often in a short space of time and so my packing days are over. For a long time I hope.

I hope you adore your new home :)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I gave Will's room a big clean a month ago, and amazingly enough, it's only now that it's started falling to pieces again. That's a record--usually it only takes a week! With Will's room, the rubbish starts to collect in the corners and then slowly spills out to the center of the room. I think I'm going to assign him a fifteen-minute cleaning this afternoon, to see if we can get things back in some sort of order. Fingers crossed.


Tracy said...

Good on Will for keeping it going for a whole month. Miraculous!

I've told Mr busy a few times that he needs to get rid of the piles of things that have begun. Really...two minutes a day (if that) and it could stay clean. He just doesn't seem to see it that way!