Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The March of Motherhood

Photo Credit:  annegeddesbabypictures.com

I was reminded, today, that the years of Motherhood march by all too fast.  One of my very dear work friends came in today with her hubby and newborn son.  Oh what a sweet little boy he is - perfectly handsome and just absolutely gorgeous.  A reminder of what my own children once were.  I remember being in the middle of those baby and toddler years and thinking they would never end.  Indeed it was eight between welcoming our first child and the last one heading off to school.  Eight years is a long time when you're in Motherhood Peakhour!

But this little boy made me think I could just watch him sleep in my arms all day long.  And I looked at my own little boy standing beside me, nearly looking me in the eye and wondered how on earth he'd managed to do that?  When did that happen?  And who said he could go and grow up on me like that?  I still remember to stroke his soft smooth cheeks every now and then.  Before they get all prickly with manliness.  Don't get me wrong - I can't wait to see what kind of man he grows into.  But Motherhood just flies by so fast.

Enjoy your beautiful little boy, A.  He is so very precious and just perfect.


Anita said...

Thanks for the reminder to enjoy every moment. I'm trying to stroke my little boy's cheek, especially when he's been crying for a while, reminding me of how precious he is, despite being confusing and tiring.

Tracy said...

I used to wish they had indicators on their foreheads to tell me what the problem was...sometimes it's just that they want to be held,but that doesn't seem to stop the crying. It can be tough.

We need to catch up! Soon! After next week? I have an assignment to write before Friday.

Anonymous said...
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