Friday, 7 October 2011

Playtime at Costco

It's the last day of school holidays for me.  And for the kids in a roundabout way, in that they will have to come to school with me on Monday and Tuesday.  So we finally got to get out to Costco - something I'd wanted to do at the start of last week!  We always have fun there, poking about in all kinds of interesting piles of things.  So besides boring things like bread, monterey jack cheese and eggs that come in a pack of 3 dozen, we found some fun kitchen toys.  Since the girls do so much of the cooking these days they swayed me easily.  Well, actually, I've been wanting a new grater for quite some time.  Mind is about 10 years old and it really makes a person work hard.  And the girls just loved the different sized boards.  I loved that they have stoppers on the corners so the board doesn't slip on the bench.

And they all match my KitchenAid mixer :)

Back at the doctors again today....Miss Mischief is now on antibiotics for an ear infection.  Yes - we are ALL on antibiotics!  We are so keeping the medical and pharmacuetical profession in business these days.  Mr Busy has managed to get rid of some of the rattling in one lung and just has a bit left in the other.  Miss Sunshine is still rattling a lot.  We have a whole week now before we have to go back!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Oh, I love all your red kitchen stuff! My KitchenAid mixer is blue, but I wish it were red.

Hope you all are feeling better soon!


Tracy said...

I'm lucky that I have deep burgandy/wine red in my kitchen. KitchenAid red suits perfectly.

Thanks for your well wishes - we definitely need them.

Dentist Geelong said...

Nice kitchen gadget.