Monday, 3 October 2011

Monday Menu Plan: The week before the end of semester

This is what my floor looks like around the chair where I study.  Every textbook I use this semester is sitting on that pile, as I go between them regularly.  I've spent much of the weekend on an essay which is now officially in 'polishing' phase.  YAY!  Today I've been working on two different group projects, both of which are almost finished.  Tonight I'll listen to a couple of lectures.  In between all of that we're celebrating Miss Mischief's 14th birthday.  Fourteen....I really can't believe she's already that old.  I still think of her as a 12yo.  And then every time I look at her she surprises me.  I'll share her birthday menu in a little bit, but first here's what's on for the rest of the next frantic assessment-overloaded week:

Tuesday: Pork spare ribs, stir fried vegies, rice
Wednesday:  Chicken parmigana, vegies
Thursday:  Beef casserole, rice
Friday:  Hmmm...maybe we'll bring home something from our planned shopping adventures?
Saturday: Chicken and dumplings
Sunday:  Any suggestions?!

As for tonight's menu, it's a rather grand affair which I must begin momentarily.

~ Miss Mischief's Birthday Menu ~

corn on the cob
hasselback potatoes
honey carrots
cauliflower & broccoli au gratin

Molten Chocolate Pots

Cheese Platter

She has no idea about the dessert.  A vague reference to chocolate and something fudge-y reminded me of  little molten pots from an ABC foodie magazine I have somewhere.  I'll do my best to take photos tonight.  Really I will.  And I'll post that recipe for the chocolate pots because everyone needs a show-stopper dessert on hand.  Especially a show-stopper in chocolate.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Wonderful birthday menu! Happy birthday, Miss Mischief. And congrats on getting to the polishing stage on your essay. I'm almost there on a speech I'm writing for a conference. I don't know why speeches take so long to write. I guess I just don't want to say the same old thing every time.


Tracy said...

Thank you Frances. I'll pass your birthday wishes on to her - she'll be completely tickled!

All the best with your speech - you know that it's only 'same old' to you, don't you?!