Friday, 2 September 2011

Jamie's Meals: Jools Pasta

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Another day, another Jamie meal.  Tonight it was Pregnant Jools Pasta.  I have to smile about the title.  Pregnancy is no longer associated with eating (or not!) anything in particular in our house, and hasn't been for well over 11 years.  However, you have to love a recipe that is simple, and this one was.  The meal has instructions for a salad and a frangipane tart.  I didn't do the salad, and with no-wheat and no-nut eaters in our family, the dessert was pretty much a no-go.  I could've coped with the wheat but Miss Sunshine cannot have nuts.

The recipe said to use 'good' sausages.  I think that's a misnomer.  Good and sausages don't really belong in the same sentence in my book.  However, I found something that looked a little more gourmet that a package of Safeway thin sausages.  The meal ended up being pretty tasty.  Definitely worth adding to the list of things we enjoy.  Everyone headed back for seconds except Mr Busy.  I suspect performance nerves are on the rise due to tonight's music performance night at school.  He's not the up-front kinda guy, preferring all things related to working backstage.  Tonight he'll be on the stage and he's instructed us not to watch.  Poor boy.  Sadly misguided.  Of course we'll be watching!

If you want to have a go at this yummy meal (which we all highly recommend), all the recipes and instructions are here.


joolzmac said...

The Jools Pasta does look good. Yes, we are sadly lacking a good butcher in our town so have to rely on Woolworths or Foodland snags. Erk! I've bookmarked the recipe as a go to for a good hearty pasta dish. Thanks,


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Oh, that looks yummy--wish I was eating pasta right now (I'm not; trying to do low carb). Do you think there are no good sausages because you don't like sausage, or because there are no good ones out there to be found? I have to say, I find most sausages good and could eat them all day, except that it would probably kill me. Sigh.


Tracy said...

Most sausages have 19g of fat (or thereabouts) in each one. That's an awful lot of fat when you might normally eat 2 for dinner. There are some tasty ones around but I don't think that much fat is a good thing in one item and in one meal. I don't eat 2 minute noodles for the same reason, apart from the wheat.

Rel said...

Looks nice :)