Sunday, 18 September 2011

Green and Pink

My two favourite colours....especially when they're put together.

This is the border tile in our newly fitted out ensuite. We get to use it for the first time tomorrow morning. Yay!

These shoes were a bargain at $5 on yesterday's shopping tour. I have the perfect skirt for these and a perfect day to wear both tomorrow, at 27C!  Where oh where did winter go?


Meanwhile Mr Busy is still unwell with a cough, rash and a temperature that comes and goes.  The ED doctor phoned this morning (apparently she was sufficiently puzzled by him) to advise another trip to the GP and a second chest x-ray due to the continuing temperature.  After a full week of these symptoms the Dr was keen for us to revisit clinical investigation.  I appreciated her dedication to his care.  I would never have expected an ED to follow up on a patient that was 'treated and streeted' days ago.


Squiggly Rainbow said...

Wow! It wasn't a Dr at Casey was it? Dr Liz? We had her and she was amazing! Hope he is better soon, poor lad! I'm very envious of those crystal white bathroom tiles (forgive me!) And I do love those shoes! xx

Tracy said...

No, we went to the Angliss. I understand your bathroom envy. Untainted white tiles are something quite special.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Lovely shoes and bathroom! I'm distressed to hear Mr. Busy is still under the weather, but so happy that he's getting such fine care.


Tracy said...

Thank you for your concern Frances. Dh took him back to our GP today and he's been prescribed some antibiotics. It should be all uphill from here :)