Thursday, 15 September 2011

From the Sickbed

Mr Busy and I have been having some sickbed adventures.  Sad, but true.  I've been coughing for a I have a blocked nose :(  I've succumbed  to buying real cold & flu + cough medicine rather than my prefered ease-a-cold's.  I don't feel that bad...I'm just tired of coughing all the time.

Mr Busy has had a second trip to the ED in a week.  On Saturday Dh gave up after 4 hours and came home at 1am.  Yesterday our GP decided she didn't like the way his rash was behaving and sent us back to have it investigated.  Four hours, a blood test, a wee test and a chest x-ray later we came home, safe in the knowledge that yes, he just has a nasty virus.  Thanks to all the germy kids at school.  Yay for sharing!

Last night's hospital adventure also included the girls being at home for a few hours on their own, doing homework and cooking dinner.  Apparently all went well ~ they're both still alive and smiling.

Meanwhile, my ensuite is fully tiled and being grouted today.  It's a courageous man, who braves the germs of our home to work on the bathroom.  The challenge is to keep Mr Busy at a distance to protect Mr Bathroom Fixing Friend's health.  I will share photos at some point when my head is clearer.


nolene said...

Yay! for the bathroom, it certainly sounds like it's getting there. I hope you all feel much better soon!

Tracy said...

Thanks Nols. :)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Oh, my goodness, you're having some adventures down there! I hope you and Mr. Busy are feeling much better and staying out of hospitals.

You know, we spend all that time teaching our kids to share, and then something like this happens ... sigh.


Tracy said...

Mr Busy is now quite taken with hospital. Funny boy.

I'm feeling a bit brighter. Mr Busy is still coughing out his insides.