Tuesday, 2 May 2017

My Kingdom for Some Tights...That Stay Up!

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Once upon a time I used to buy these wonderful opaque tights.  They were perfect.  The right weight. The right size.  The right staying-up ability.  Because once upon a time they made opaque tights with control tops.  You just put them on and they stayed exactly where you left them:  on your hips.

Last winter I needed to buy new tights, because the old ones finally carked it.  And so began my quest for a basic winter essential, that didn't up around my knees by the time I got to work.  Are you hearing frustrated?  I bet you're feeling the same!  The tights I used to buy were from Woolworths (see, I'm training myself not to say Safeway....I'm getting better-ish).  When I went back last winter I discovered they had changed their "recipe".  No more control top.

In fact, there are no control-top tights to be had anywhere.  So began my quest for keeping my tights UP.  A very smart colleague (who is young, so obviously this is something the younger crowd have sorted), shared that she goes "superman style" because tights just don't stay up.  Ugh.  The only thing strong enough for the downward pressure of gravity on tights is shape wear type garments.  Regular undies don't seem to be quite up to the job.  That's a day of pretty high pressure!!!!  But she was right.

Since it's nearing winter and the days are headed back into the teens for top temperatures, I'm finding myself googling "control top opaque tights" again.  Let me tell you, the results thus far are not so great.

So here's my question to you, dear reader:  have you found opaque tights that actually stay up, that are currently available somewhere in a store.  Or online.  Or via pigeon post (see how desperate I am?)?  Please share!  What do you buy?  Where do you buy them?


Jodie Sheppard said...

Hi Tracy, I buy "Fuller Figure" tights and panty hose from KMart. They have Size 1 and Size 2. Size 1 is up to 170 cm tall and up to 110 kg (I think). I am less that those numbers but the thing is, you can get them on easily and they stay up! You can get control top or not. I love them. "Extra Tall" normal panty hose just fall down in the crotch.

Denyse Whelan. said...

When I wore these..about a million years ago..I used to add another pair of pants/undies over. Very good for the health not...but at least I wasn't forever pulling up me tights!! Denyse #teamIBOT PS gosh I hate it when a brand disappears or changes like that. How dare they!!

Mystery Case said...

I love Leona Edmiston opaques but they are made for really tall people and yes I'm forever adjusting them. Target did stock a control top opaque but they were on clearance about this time last year and I haven't seen them since.