Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Fancy Breakfast Bargain

I am an unapologetic smoked salmon lover.  When I go out for breakfast I often go for the menu option that includes it.  Or I pay the extra to add it to something that doesn't include it.  Imagine my complete delight when I was fossicking through the "reduced to clear" shelf in the fridge section at the supermarket yesterday, and discovered salmon marked down!

A 300g package of Tassal (because anything from Tasmania automatically holds a place in my heart) salmon for a mere $6 - about $20/kg.  Salmon is normally around the $50/kg mark, hence it doesn't often make it into our home except on special occasions.  I need to have it all eaten up in two days, but really, how hard can that be?

I had a couple of slices with my breakfast this morning. I'd planned to make some sushi with it for lunch.  Hmmmm....apparently cheap salmon that needed to be eaten was too tempting.  I believe salmon and cream cheese sandwiches yesterday took care of most of it!  Oh well.  It was enjoyed one way or another.

On the breakfast note - I didn't realise, until after I'd had children, that there is a whole delightful thing around going out for breakfast.  You can absolutely believe that the very minute our children were old enough to be left to themselves for an hour or two we were out the door!  But it's not just my husband with whom I have breaky.  No, I have some girlfriends that enjoy a relaxing breakfast away from all the people in our houses.  And a sister-in-law.  We both drive 15 minutes to meet in the town between our houses.  It's always bolstering to a weary soul to start a day calmly while someone else makes you a to-die-for breakfast.  And then my favourite thing to have is something with a chewy sourdough toast, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, smoked salmon and goats cheese - maybe some tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach.  They don't always come on one plate.  Someone needs to do something about that!

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Barbara said...

Smoked salmon freezes really well. That's
what I do with it whenever I find it marked
down and know I won't finish it in time.