Thursday, 24 December 2015

All That's Left...Our Christmas Menu

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We are in "calm before the storm" mode here.  The shopping is complete.  The wrapping is done.  The fridge is stocked with everything we need.  It is my favourite way to spend Christmas Eve.  Quietly.  No rushing about.  After dinner tonight I'll make our pavlova - Nigella's Cappuccino Pavlova.  No Christmas with my family is even permitted without a pavlova.  My Granny was the ultimate pav chef and the mantle has passed to me.  She didn't feel she could attend any family function without a pavlova in hand.  I'm not quite that sensitive, but I use Granny's recipe still, because cornflour in a pav just doesn't make sense to me.  Not when Granny's recipe works so well.

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Tomorrow afternoon I'll potter about the kitchen for the rest of our Christmas feast, which we'll share with my parents and one of my brothers' families for dinner.  It's going to be very warm here tomorrow (33C/91F) so our family has opted for a summery menu with some hints of tradition.

Beyond My Picket Fence
~ Christmas Menu ~

Roast Pork
(apple sauce & cranberry sauce)
Potato Salad
Asian Salad
Bread Rolls

Cappuccino Pavlova
Plum Pudding & Custard

In all honesty, I suspect this may very well be our tradition.  As much as I'd love a traditional roast it just doesn't work on a hot, hot day.  We always check the weather a week out to see what we want to do, and salads always seem to be the way we head.

I pray that your celebrations are filled to the brim with precious moments 
and the people you love most in your world.  Most of all I pray 
that the miraculous wonder of Christ coming into this world as a human baby, 
because of our need for his overwhelming love and grace, fills your soul.

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