Thursday, 2 April 2015

Pffft to Metal Kettles

We were in the market for a new kettle last weekend.  The old one wouldn't let us open the lid anymore.  Indeed there was something rattling about in there that we couldn't get out.  And then it stopped turning itself off.  A little dangerous in a house where boys are forgetful and/or inattentive.  It's the boys who make the cuppas most often, so this became a thing.

Dh and I set off in search of a new kettle, to settle on our bench in its special little spot.  I think he thought we'd get another metal one, but I'd heard plastic ones are quieter.   As we looked, and compared, and did little internet searches on the best quiet kettles (because phones these days let you do such things!!) we discovered that I was probably right.  Apart from one fancy shmancy kettle that boasted "whisper quiet".  But this thing was so high maintenance with all the things you had to do to make sure it stayed quiet.  We are not into high maintenance.  We are lucky to maintain ourselves, our kitchen and our laundry.  We don't need bossy appliances telling us they need emptying and cleaning and hugging and loving and whatever all else that thing needed.

So we're back with a white plastic kettle.  Miss Sunshine was away at the time, so she was unimpressed when she returned.  Dh and I are thrilled.  We don't need to turn the TV up 5 clicks to hear over the kettle anymore.

We have ourselves a quiet kettle again.

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jude's page said...

You are so right, plastic is quiet. I have a plastic here at home, and a metal at The Sanctuary retreat house, and that is noisy, no such thing as making a quiet cuppa early in the morning!