Wednesday, 8 April 2015

My Flash of Easter Bunny Brilliance

It isn't often I have moments of brilliance.  Generally speaking I would say I rely on the brilliance of others and then set about to make brilliant things happen.  You can imagine, then, that those rare flashes of brilliance are quite remarkable!

In the last week of term I was teaching a Prep/1 class in a Christian school.  Easter and Christmas are the most challenging seasons in such a school when it comes to beliefs around these two important church celebrations.  And the challenge centres around this:  To Easter Bunny/Santa or Not to Easter Bunny/Santa.

In our house, we chose to go without bunnies and santas and whatever other things are not strictly about the Biblical reason behind these celebrations.  We have reasons for our decisions, but we hold absolutely no judgement on those who take the opposite approach.  It is such a personal choice.  You can imagine then, in a Christian school, where there is a fair portion of the population in either camp that kids get confused.  Some proclaim the Easter Bunny fictitious and others are determined it is real.  This is one argument I was adamant my own children were to avoid.  I told them they had no right to ruin things for another child when their parents had made a decision that was different from ours.

So what does one do when the children in front of you are beginning this debate? 
"My Mum says there is no Easter Bunny!" 
"What do you mean?  Of course there is an Easter Bunny.  Where do you think the eggs come from?" 

I put a stop to the debate right there.  And in my moment of brilliance I told my precious little people this:
"Some parents get the Easter Bunny to help them deliver eggs, and some parents choose not to have the Easter Bunny help.  It is up to your parents how that works at your house".

Disaster averted.  Both camps allowed to hold their beliefs. 

Brilliance indeed.


Nancy McCarroll said...

Excellent, and a quick answer!

Nancy McCarroll said...

Excellent and a fast answer!