Thursday, 5 March 2015

Prayer: What it is. What it is not.

Prayer is a funny ol' thing.  It is something we often forget to do until we get to the end of ourselves, or when we are desperate.  Prayer often feels like we're not doing very much.  I'd like to challenge that notion today.

What prayer is not.

Prayer is not something to settle for when we feel like we can't do anything productive to change or help a situation.  It is not the last resort or the thing we do because we are helpless.  It is not benign or useless.

What prayer is.
 Prayer is the intentional action of people who believe that God can and will work in circumstances.  Prayer is tapping into the full might and power of the Heavenlies and unleashing its incredible potency on Earth.  Prayer is the deliberate act of doing battle over things in which we want to see breakthrough and transformation. 

When we began our fast we were told to be very clear about the things we were fasting for and the things we were fasting from.  This has been helpful for me.  Along the way I've added another situation to my little list, but I have remained steadfast on the things I am fasting for.  Most mornings I wake around 4am and I do battle.  I put on the armour of God and I fight for the circumstances that need to change.  And I do not feel useless.  I claim the victory that Jesus has already given us and I get to stand in the gap for people I care about.  I get to sit in the very throne room of God and bring to him the things that burden my heart.  He hears my prayers and I know he is working on these circumstances, even when I can't necessarily see it.

The thing with prayer and fasting is that we won't necessarily see breakthrough immediately.  But it will come in the right time.

Prayer is the certainty that God does indeed work.


Skippyherron said...

Such an encouragement to keep on praying! Thank you xx Kelly

Left-Handed Housewife said...

What a wonderful post, Tracy! I'm curious to hear more about how fasting is affecting you, what changes you think it's brought about (if any), what you're learning, etc.

Sorry to be away for so long--I've been hibernating. Lots of snow and ice this winter, and all I've wanted to do was curl up on the couch and read and nap. But spring is on the way ...