Sunday, 29 March 2015

First Meal Post Fast

Tonight marked the end of our 40-day fast.  What a marathan!  To celebrate and begin the careful return to 'normal' (I think normal might be a little different in the future) we enjoyed roast chicken with vegies for dinner, and Shauna Niequist's Blueberry Crisp recipe over pie apples and frozen strawberries.  The only alteration I make:  shredded coconut, because no 'crisp' or 'crumble' recipe is quite right without it, in our house.  I love that maple syrup is the sweetner and almond meal is used instead of flour.  Not Miss Sunshine friendly, but she's not home for dinner tonight.

And strangely, as much as I enjoy meat, it's not as exciting as I always think it will be.  Not as exciting as the Salt and Pepper Squid we had the other night.  After a difficult week on the job-front Dh decided a slight flex in our fast was in order.  And he was right.  I could eat bucket-loads of that particular version which comes on a pile of the best salad I've ever tasted. 

As for our fast and the things we have been praying for?  Let's just say there is a great deal of frustration in the "slow-burn" that happens before things explode and everything changes (thank you Dawn Cherie Wilkinson for that perfect illustration and language!).  But, like Job in the Old Testament, I choose to trust and worship even though I can't see anything changing or improving.

This past week I have been teaching in the Prep classroom where I used to work while their teacher is in the US on a dream-fulfilling holiday.  We read through the Easter story throughout the week and I am, again, profoundly moved by the contrast in people's attitudes to Jesus between Palm Sunday and Good Friday.  I want to spend some time this week moving slowly through the story as it unfolds this week and allow God to work deeply in my spirit through this, most important, story of the gospels.


Skippyherron said...

What a great explanation of that waiting on the Lord time.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

It's funny how the foods we deny ourselves while fasting or dieting aren't always as good as we remembered! Good for you for keeping your fast--now enjoy yourself!