Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Disaster Protection

Miss Sunshine's answer to preventing her Dad from backing into her car....


Life marches away too quickly.  Miss Sunshine is now the legal owner of  a little Nissan Pulsar, which was nice and cheap, and in excellent condition.  Thank you God!  And she takes herself off to Uni, which started yesterday for her.  I am still looking out the window as she drives out of the driveway, wondering how this happened.  Wondering how it is that she can just drive away all by herself like that.  I am completely mystified.

And Uni.  This child who needed me to hand her over to a new teacher so she could be loved and held as I left her is just so confident and content with being on a campus (albeit not a huge one) and finding her way around.  She's had two little trips with me, and with a friend to orient herself to the trip and where to find her classes.  Now she's off on her own doing what Uni students do.

I'm off on a new experience tomorrow too.  I'm flying to Sydney without any family members, for a women's conference.  I can't wait.  Flying.  Women's Conference.  Getting to know other women from my church better... I expect to be completely overwhelmed, but I'm looking forward to it because flying.  And the conference.  And flying.

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

I can't believe Miss Sunshine is at university already! So grown up. I love her method of protecting her car.

Enjoy your trip!