Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Of Baby Birds and Other Outside Joys

We have been watching a mother bird sitting on her nest for quite a few weeks now.  This afternoon when I went to see how she was doing she wasn't there.  What a perfect time to get a photo of what she's been caring for.  Little did I know her chicks have hatched - we have baby birds! How exciting.  I hope the new Mummy finds plenty for her chicks to eat around here.  Heaven knows the bunny that visits has been happily munching his way through our grass!

Around the few days on either side of Christmas Day I decided it was time to get my herb garden back in shape.  If you look very carefully you can see rosemary at the back there and the purple flowers of the chives.  The rest, embarrassingly, is weed.  Nice, healthy, choking weeds.

Herb Garden - Before
Because I am such a weakling and a wuss it took me three goes to get through the weeding.  I started and after half an hour or so I just couldn't do anymore.  I'm not so sure that's just cos I'm tired either.  In any case, I finally got to the end and I can see my herbs again.

Herb Garden - After

We still have some work to do.  The soil is quite tough just under the surface so my heroic (and very strong) hubby will need to help me pitchfork it over. I'm simply not strong enough.  Then I want to add some compost before buying some herbs and mulching the whole thing.  I've always wanted: thyme, lemon thyme, oregano, parsley.  Perhaps even some basil, though that's never been terribly successful.  

I have to say, it's completely satisfying to have the time to wander outside a bit.  To enjoy watching a mummy bird and getting that garden bed in order.  I've even sprayed the lemon tree, which is looking a little worse for wear.  Perhaps next spring I will even have the mental capability to consider a vegie garden, given my teaching degree will be on the verge of completion!


Susan said...

Try your basil in a pot with potting soil. It does much better and you can move it out of the hot sun and into a shady spot should the sun really be beating.

I've followed your blog for a long time but never left a comment. My love for fresh basil spurred me to finally stop lurking.

I'm from the Midwest in the U.S. We've got a bit of snow on the ground. Since we are months away from garden plans, I guess I was forced from the shadows! Wish it were time to think about fresh herbs, vegetables and flowers here.

Tracy said...

Thanks for coming out of hiding to share your wisdom on growing basil Susan. It's nice to hear from you

Left-Handed Housewife said...

So nice to see a sunny (and weed-free) garden! Mine's looking sort of sad and uninspired right now, but it's the season of seed catalogs so I'm getting inspired for spring.

Weeding takes me forever. I usually last about a half hour before I have to go lie down.