Monday, 20 January 2014

Beginning 2014

Shallow Inlet - Victoria
Where to begin with this first post for the year?!  Firstly it seems I had disappeared for a bit and truly we did.  We've just returned from two weeks away camping down near Wilson's Promontory.  We found a little bush caravan park on Shallow Inlet that was much quieter than the Prom camping ground and where it is much easier to get a site.  We did drive down to the Prom a couple of times because it is beautiful and the beach was lovely.  We've spent a couple of weeks relaxing, reading, swimming, fishing and playing games together in the evenings.  Such a simple existence.  Just what we needed to begin what will no doubt be a busy year.


I've been busily reviewing books for my dear friend Rel and am very excited to report I am into my 17th book for the summer.  My goal is 20 by the time I go back to work.  I have 8 days.  Not a problem!!!


Rather than setting resolutions for the new year I read about someone who sets a theme instead.  I like that idea much more than making goals that probably won't ever be accomplished.  I decided our goal for the year should be "healthier" We have discussed the idea as a family and whilst the children were miffed a time or two when I reminded them ice-creams are not healthier everyone agreed it is a good thing after all.  For myself I have begun a journey with "The Maker's Diet".  I read the book about 7 or 8 years ago and appreciated the Biblical perspective the author gives.  Obviously there are always bits and pieces that are either impractical, impossible or inappropriate for individual circumstances and one must take a balanced view on what will work.  I do remember the first phase being a challenge but worthwhile and given the holiday season excesses it is probably quite timely to spend some time detoxing from the things I have not avoided as I should have.

Meanwhile, it is good to be home.


Joolz said...

Gee, two weeks at a beach camp sounds idyllic! Last week nearly killed us and we haven't been to the beach since NYDay when we got rained out! Hopefully this coming long weekend will see us down the beach on Saturday for an Aussie barbie (we have Victorian friends coming over).
Yes, healthier will be on my list this year too. We just do too much socialising at this time of year so its hard to settle into good habits. I'll get back to you in May!! Happy New Year to you!

Cheers - joolz xx

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I wondered where you'd been! So glad you had a relaxing time.

I have two themes for this year: frugality and generosity. I fear that I don't always have a charitable heart, and I would like my thoughts toward and about others to be more generous and compassionate. Not always easy for me, but with God's help I'm going to try.

Happy 2014!