Thursday, 19 December 2013

Summer meals on quiet summer days

Mr Busy undertakes the manly task of barbecuing

Another quiet day has passed here.  One can hardly be blamed, as it was 39C in the city today.  However, after a very industrious day of dusting, vacuuming and mopping yesterday I had intended to dust and vacuum carpeted rooms today.  Instead, I napped in the morning.  Miss Sunshine, I believe, turned the cooling on before the house got too warm.  In the afternoon I had another nap.  Really...this is beginning to be very unproductive!  Tomorrow!  I will get there tomorrow!!!

In our house when the mercury sores we BBQ.  I was once informed by a male friend that females are not permitted to cook a BBQ.  Now this presents a problem when the man of the house is still at work when everyone else is ready for dinner and we don't want to heat up the house to cook.  We have solved that problem in the form of Mr Busy.  Having been well-instructed by his Dad he took up the mantle of man-of-the-house-BBQ'er in fine form.

Miss Sunshine made a salad to go with our sausages and potatoes and we dined in fine style, although sausages are not my idea of 'style'.  They were simple a means to Miss Mischief getting her desired cold sausage sandwiches for lunch tomorrow!

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jude's page said...

If you need to sleep, just do it and stop the guilt, listen to your body, you must be needing it. And can't say that sausages are on my list, but if someone else is cooking, they would be good! I enjoy reading your blog, thankyou.