Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A Day for Resting

I got up and got dressed for work this morning.  Then I changed my mind.  And my clothes.  For the past week I've been fighting off and then succumbing to a head cold.  My body feels OK, but my head hurts.  Especially when I cough, which is often.  Yesterday my Head of Primary suggested I was unfair to bring my germs with me to work.  Today I conceded defeat and gave in to stay home on the couch.

It is exactly one year and one month since I was last laid out with a cold - I know because it was the last time I sent a text to let school know I wouldn't be at work.  A whole year!  After being sick twice the year before I wanted a whole year, and I got it.  I think now I need to aim for....well....five years seems good to me.  I wasn't willing to admit this cold either.  The kids were saying "Mum, you're sick" and I was in denial saying " I'm really not".   It worked in May when I was on teaching rounds and couldn't take time off.  My sore throat never progressed beyond just that.  I won that one!  I thought I could win this one too.

My recipe for getting better?  Three hours with Anne of Green Gables and three hours of sleep.  A perfect balance, wouldn't you say?  That and plenty of cold/flu medicine and Vicks Vapodrops to "soothe the throat and clear the nose".  I was going to have a little nap and then have lunch and watch some episodes of Nigella, but....well....I didn't wake up.  No lunch.  No Nigella.  And you know what?  I haven't slept three hours in a row for over a week.  It was bliss.  I didn't even cough once I'd settled.  Fortunately I woke in time to go and pick the kids up from school!!

I'm out for the next two evenings and I have a precious little 5yo niece coming on Friday afternoon so I hope by tomorrow my nose will have settled and there will be fewer coughing fits to be endured.  Maybe more Anne of Green Gables is required?


Joolz said...

Sorry you're not feeling too good. That is a great way to shake off your cold, though. I love Anne of Green Gables!

Hey, I must say I have had trouble getting my comment to go through with the comment moderation thingy. On my iPad, I gave up, I reckon I tried 10 times and it would not go through, just kept giving me a new number and set of letters to copy.

Lets see if it works now....

Tracy said...

I'm sorry you' e had such a hard time. I was getting a lot of spam so this was the only way to prevent it. Blogger and iPad's are not good friends. They don't play nice. I have been having trouble with the verification thingys because they are so hard to see sometimes.

You succeeded this time though! Thanks for your get well thoughts. I do feel better today, but I don't sound like it!