Thursday, 13 June 2013

The End of the World...errr...Term

We had a long weekend here in Victoria this past weekend.  I realised how weary we've all become when a single extra day to the weekend had us all beginning Tuesday with "I don't want to go back to school".  We love our school.  We love being there.  But we are all so ready for a break!  On our staffroom whiteboard the anticipated end of term is hailed with big letters in the square for that day.  And we affectionately call it the "end of the world".

Before then, however, Miss Mischief has exams today and tomorrow and Miss Sunshine and I have exams next week.  All week for her, just two for me.  Two is enough!  I will be doing my exams at Our School with the Year 11's and indeed Miss Sunshine will be doing exams at the same time as both of mine.  She's oh so thrilled.  I think it's fun to tease her about, because she gives me such a good reaction.  In reality, I think she will feel a little comforted, but would never admit such a thing.  My Deputy Principal tells me my exams have arrived.  Now I just wait for the day to arrive too.

And in the midst of all of that I'm doing an extra day at work to spend the day on curriculum documentation.  Despite how that sounds I'm very excited.  It's the teacher-geeky part of me that comes out.  I really enjoy unit and lesson planning.  Lots of teachers find the documentation part of curriculum tedious, but I love the brainstorming about how we want to convey God to our students through the integrated studies topics we cover.  Fortunately this will contribute to some of my exam preparation since it covers all  the humanities subjects I need to delve into. 

Who knows, after next Friday I might just have time to .... well ... clean.  And bake.  My family won't know who I am if I start doing that!!!!!

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

Hope all's well and that it all ended well! We were so ready for the end of the school year to come around. And we'll be all ready for it to start up again come late August ... Ah, but a rest is nice!