Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Updates Of All Kinds

Lots of updates for you today.....

I am still healthy.  I am surrounded by little people with snotty noses and God is good.  I started to get a sore throat the other day.  More praying.  More ease-a-cold.  I'm tellin' ya folks, if you're the praying kind and aren't opposed to natural cold and flu stuff this is working out to be a good prevention recipe!  It could also be that God just know I can't take any days off because I would find it so difficult to make them up later. 

The daily devotional thing is still going.  I've missed a day or two with the change in routine that has come about from being at a different school.  But I am enjoying thinking about those Bible passages from the perspective of "what did I learn?" and "what will I do?"  I don't even read the blub in the booklet.

Teaching rounds are going so well.  The teacher I'm working with is an amazing person to work alongside and to learn from.  She lets me experience my own inexperience and then provides me with really helpful and meaningful feedback that I am able to implement the next time I'm teaching. 

Amongst all of that I'm trying to write an assignment.  Ugh.  I miss my day off!

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