Saturday, 4 May 2013

Baking Day and Colds

A few weeks back when I last trekked over to Costco I bought a 2kg bucket of Greek yoghurt.  I enjoy it with a little drizzle of maple syrup for breakfast some mornings, when I'm bored of egg on toast and it was the same price as a 1kg tub.  Apparently I don't enjoy it quite as much as the quantity required of me by the use-by date.  Two kilos is a lot of yoghurt!

So what to do with about 1/2 a kilo of yoghurt that has officially gone past its use-by?  My answer is CAKE!  One gluten free, one regular and both containing yoghurt so that nothing was wasted.  The timing was doubly perfect as we're off on a family picnic tomorrow.  Now my mission is to convince everyone they don't need icing.  Dh and the girls have all got/had colds this week.  Sugar always makes the symptoms worse so I have a bit of a job on my hands!

And on the subject of colds, I have decided that even though there are more cold/flu germs in our house right now than could sink a ship I will be not be getting sick.  I begin teaching rounds again on Monday and have to make days up if I take time off.  I'm not doing's decided.  Just to make sure I'm taking ease-a-cold tablets to get ahead of any germs. And eating chicken soup.  And praying lots because God is the one who insisted I do this degree.  So far I'm fine.


Joolz said...

Its alwsys satisfying when you use something up instad of chucking it. Today, I have 3 dead bananas to bake into a cake, iced with chocolate icing. Will probably take it to work for our staff to enjoy at smoko time.

Cheers - Joolz

Tracy said...

ooohhh banana cake with chocolate icing. YUM. Something to suggest to Miss Sunshine, who is our resident baker of note.