Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Of Assignments and Other Mind Boggling Exercises

 I have handed in my final assignment in this semester's first round.  I am relieved.  And I am nervous.  It takes up to four weeks to get a result back, so I feel like I'm flying blind.  Particularly when this last assignment was for a second-year subject.  I'm not sure whether to consider subject credit as a blessing or a curse at this point.  Time will tell.  By the time I begin the next round of assignments I'll have some idea of what I need to do better!
As if writing assignments in quick succession weren't enough I've also been bending my brain around middle school mathematics.  And it's made me surer than ever that I should not teach beyond Year 6!  In fact, I was so concerned about my maths capabilities, yesterday, that I checked the Degree schedule to see how many maths subjects I need to complete in the next 3.5 years.  Only 2 others!  I hope they focus on Primary school maths instead of early Secondary.  My tutor, however, is lovely and very patient.  It is the one subject I wish I could actually sit in a room with other people.  I suppose that balance learning style I am inclined towards really does scream "visual" over all the others when it comes to maths.


Squiggly Rainbow said...

Hello Lovely!! You didn't tell me you had one too (: xoxoxo I love it! I have been venting lately - so please excuse my negativity on mine!
Rach xox

Tracy said...

Rach, it's OK to be real :) In fact, there's a lot of value in not pretending to be other than who you are.

The fact that what you speak out is different to your self talk says a lot about God's work in your life.