Monday, 28 March 2011

Monday Menu Plan: Week beginning 28 March

The week ahead brings things like parent/teacher interviews.  And the anticipation of school holidays just around the corner.  I can't wait.  It's been a long term, but it's been a short term.  I can't believe first term is almost over.  Already!  And yet I'm ready.  It's funny how body-weariness tells you more truth than your brain can comprehend. 

I have Miss Mischief back from her week-long school camp.  My how I missed that girl...and not just because she cooks a fine meal.  No, I just missed her.  I didn't miss her noise ~ she doesn't make much....or her humour, because she's pretty quiet.  Perhaps it's her quiet that I missed?  In any case, she's home and I'm happy to have her back.  And I'm happy she wasn't one of the three school camps airlifted out of Wilson's Promontory last week.  She was a fair way from there, but they still had rain anytime they went outside, apparently.

So on our table, with great thanks to my girls:

Monday:  Chicken wings, fried rice (Miss Sunshine)
Tuesday: Frittata, vegies (Miss Sunshine)
Wednesday:  Oven fried chicken, vegies (Miss Mischief)
Thursday:  Creamy pasta (Miss Mischief)

Friday: Potato & leek soup, bread/butter (Miss Sunshine)
Saturday: Tuna & rice
Sunday: Tomato soup, english muffin pizzas

And we're off to a great start to the week!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I want children who cook!

So glad Miss Mischief is back. I always miss my children when they're gone, even if I've looked forward to having some time to myself. It's a joy when they come home again.


Tracy said...

One day Frances, your boys will be capable! Mr Busy is starting out with peeling and chopping vegies. By the time he's 13 he'll be able to do simple meals too.

It's just planning. And having kids who adore cooking....I have to confess to indoctrinating them on that score!

Miss Mischief had a meltdown last night over time pressures. I didn't miss that!!!!!