Monday, 3 July 2017

Weekly Menus

We made it.  We fell over the Term 2 finish line and crashed.  Almost.  I crashed.   And then had to pick myself up to welcome about 30 family and friends for Miss Sunshine's 21st birthday party.  A party that is two months late, because we were just not in a place to do it at the time.

Term 2 has been long.  Eleven weeks just feels exhausting!  I ended my term with reports being completed, portfolios being compiled, an assignment being written and my classroom being emptied out.  The past two weeks have definitely been a sprint.  It was a delight to see my students' faces when they looked through their portfolios.  Then they worked so hard to help move everything to the room where our classroom things are being stored for the holiday break.  I commandeered Mr Busy for move some bigger things with the trolley (he had study lesson), and Miss Sunshine came in to direct traffic and supervise the kids when they were taking things to the storage space.  I was so grateful.  My building, plus my previous building (4 classrooms altogether), are both being refurbished with lockers and cupboards being ripped out, carpet being replaced and walls being repainted.  Next term I will have moveable storage instead of lockers and cupboards, and my data projector will be changed over to an interactive projector.  My classroom will be reoriented so that the "front" of the room will be on a different wall.  It will be SO GOOD!  Right now, however, my hip is not happy due to all the bending - an old injury that flares in these types of circumstances.

So while my classroom is being tended to, I am rehoming resources into tubs that will then need to be labelled.  I will also need to do some planning.  Otherwise, lots of sleeping and reading and YouTube watching is my plan for now.  I'm very excited about the idea of the forecast rain and me being tucked up at home with a book.

Our menu for the week.... (sans Miss Mischief, who will be in Sydney this week)
Monday: Pasta Bolognese
Tuesday: Honey Soy Chicken, Vegies, Rice
Wednesday: Tuna & Rice
Thursday: Vegie Plate
Friday: liaise with Mum about the weekend

How has your Term 2 been?  What are you looking forward to for the holidays?

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