Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The Eye of the Busy Storm

Today is my quietest day for the week, and even it has already been marred by a quick jaunt out for a fasting blood test.  Because I haven't had one done since computers, apparently, or more accurately, since my GP got a computer.  This week seems to have become our specialist/orthodontist/other medical appointments week.  And also figuring out why our internet keeps dropping out.  The answer?  The phone plug to which the modem was connected has deteriorated and needs some professional phone-man surgery.  We now have phones and devices hijacking other phone points in highly inconvenient locations, but we have stable internet again.  Whew.

So after my little trip up the street, I compensated with a breakfast of poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, over the most beautiful sourdough toast, from The Artisan Crust.  These people are so dear to me, and their breads and pastries are simply otherworldly.  My goal for next year is to take all three of their bake school classes.

For the rest of my day....diving back in to some stitching, and re-watching "Nigella's Christmas Kitchen".  Because a little Nigella inspiration for getting into the kitchen seems to be required in this household of people who are tired of figuring out what to eat all the time.  Grocery shopping should probably be on my list, although tomorrow seems like a better idea.  In the interests of quietness and rest, you know.  And definitely a little nap in the afternoon.  Because a nap is totally necessary every day, following the end of school.  But most exciting is the diving back in to stitching.  I haven't stitched a thing since about Easter last year, so the other night I went looking for some simple freebie patterns with which to get my feet wet again.

What feeds your creativity when you're busy?


Nicole Cox said...

Blogging feeds my creativity, to be honest there is not much time for anything else! I should also be grocery shopping, but tomorrow seems like a better time for that. Have a wonderful Christmas xx

Renee Wilson said...

Blogging feeds my creativity also. I attempt to bake sometimes, but I'm not the best at it. I'd love to be able to stitch. It seems like such a relaxing hobby. #teamIBOT

Renee Wilson said...

Blogging feeds my creativity also. I attempt to bake sometimes, but I'm not very good at it. I'd like to try my hand at stitching. It sounds like a relaxing hobby. #teamIBOT

Janet Camilleri said...

We've had that same problem with the splitter a couple of months ago. Solution? We got rid of the home phone!

Karin @ Calm to Conniption said...

Oh gosh all the busy at the moment, though it is slowing down for me. I can't wait to close my computer for a couple of days. Merry Christmas!